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Dr. Dirksen has specialized training in assessing and caring for the neurodevelopment of kids after cancer. The Dirksen Center works closely with families to monitor the neurocognitive development of children in treatment for, or those who have completed treatment for, brain tumors and other pediatric cancers. Treatments used (e.g., surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiation) often cause cognitive difficulties. Sometimes those difficulties are apparent during or right after treatment, and at other times, they are not apparent until long after treatment has ended. Such difficulties may or may not resolve. Because a child's brain is a "work in progress," the full effects of treatment on cognitive function are not always clear until long after the child has finished treatment. These are referred to as the cognitive late effects of treatment. The Dirksen Center works closely with families throughout the broader Chicagoland area to identify residual cognitive effects of treatment, advise families/physicians regarding appropriate interventions, and help plan for developmental and educational needs. In 2013, the Dirksen Center was awarded a grant from SurvivorVision to deliver these much-needed services to children who are unfunded or underfunded and without insurance coverage.



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